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Last updated: 16-04-2021

5,000+ installs

Description of SRT Vault

SRT Vault [] updated on created by is the Tools Android App has 5,000+ downloads on Google play

Supported Android versions: Android 7.0+ (N, API 24)

Software und security made in Germany.

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Install applications without worrying about the consequences, turn off what bothers you and use and see what you want.

SRT Vault finally reached the production stage. After a trial period of three days you can purchase SRT Vault, either as a yearly subscription for $4.99 or as a one-time payment for $12.99. For all beta users that have the app installed it will remain free of charge this year. This Includes all the functions that will come during this time.

With the SRT Vault you can easily copy oder directly install applications into a protected area on your device. Applications and their data such as pictures in the SRT Vault are completely protected and separated from everything that is on the outside. With the freeze-function, we have managed to give you the means to temporarily turn off applications installed in the SRT Vault. As a result, they no longer send you notifications, don’t drain your battery and stop collecting data about you in the background. But that’s not all:

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* Make the SRT Vault seem to disappear from your device – only you can start it using a custom designed icon and name choosen by you.

* Protect your data, everything in your SRT Vault remains in your SRT Vault – applications inside cannot access images, contacts or any other data on the outside and vice versa. Apps that are not in your SRT Vault do not receive any

information about the apps in the SRT Vault.

* You need an app twice with different accounts? No problem! Simply use the duplicate installed in your SRT Vault.

* Continue to use WhatsApp even though you have sensible contacts on your mobile phone.

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* Do your friends have your mobile device now and then? Don’t worry about your secrets.

* Use freeze to hide applications and to keep things clean and tidy – frozen apps send no notifications and do no longer have an application icon in the app drawer or on your homescreen, nowhere – only you can still see them in the SRT Vault, where you can use them as usual. By the way, frozen apps don’t collect your data in the background and don’t claim your battery.

* Look forward to all that will come in the future: firewall, VPN, automatic turn on/off, copy all data from and into the SRT Vault – if you want.

The software may only for private usage. Commercial use is prohibited.

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* Clone works now in dark mode

* Show the purchase status

* Vault is now finally available for everyone!

* Vault UI 2.0

* Better file migration

* Protect your Vault with PIN and biometric data

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Updated: 16-04-2021

Installs: 5,000+

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