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Weather Live Wallpaper. Current forecast on screen [] updated on created by Bastion7 is the Weather Android App has 500,000+ downloads on Google play

Beautiful landscape in your hands. Weather Live Wallpaper is the application where sunrises and sunsets, rain and snow, clouds and even moon phases are displayed on your screen, which is changing in real time.

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— Each wallpaper from the collection contains a realistic landscape of high quality, where are dynamically displayed precipitation, fog, cloudiness, moon phases, daylight changes and much more.

— There are wallpapers that contain several seasons: winter, off-season and summer. Every wallpaper has a free version and a PRO version.

— In the free version: live wallpapers change the time of day, the weather forecast is displayed in the application by double tap on the wallpaper. You can view the weather for the next 10 days in that menu also.

— To see the current weather forecast on the desktop, purchase the PRO version of the wallpaper. After buying any PRO version in the app, ads will be disabled.

Note: reinstall the wallpaper after the purchase.

— In order to reduce battery drain we added some special settings: brightness, weather notifications, the blackout of the background of the widgets, the number of additional particles (rainbow, flower petals and others), the number of frames per second, the volume and deactivation of sounds – everything can be adjusted.

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— 3 sources of weather forecast are available for obtaining weather data. You can choose and use the one that shows the most accurate forecast for your location.

— Live wallpapers in the collection are constantly updated.

Wallpapers (Scenes):

Nugget Point Lighthouse: all seasons. Amazing landscape from New Zealand with spring flowers in front of the picture and north sea waves sounds. The light in the house glows at night, creating a very romantic atmosphere, which is complemented by a starry sky.

Spring Mountains: for spring. Petals of flowers, a house in the mountains;

Realistic Weather: for winter, off-season and summer. Balloons, starfall;

Winter Wallpaper: for winter. Christmas additions: Santa Claus, garland;

Autumn Wallpaper: for autumn. Leaf fall, waves on the lake;

Summer Dandelions: suitable for spring and summer. Dandelion field with fluff & fireflies;

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Art Animated: all seasons. The river and lake are covered with ice in winter, flowers blossom, a windmill, the trees are turning yellow in autumn;

London: one season. Classic Big Ben view, clocks change with time by your location, the window lights up by tap on it, pavement, river and small ships;

Paris: an urban landscape for any season. With the approach of night the illumination turns on at the Eiffel Tower, lights turn on the embankment, small tourist ships sail along the river channel, the rose petals fly off the screen from touch, stunning night sky;

Seashore: for summer. Waves on the sea, palms swinging from the wind, fireflies fly at night, double rainbow, balloons.

Thunder and lightning examples:

If you have already purchased individual applications with a mountain landscape or an animated landscape wallpaper, send us an order code (OrderID) and we will give you a free code for the same wallpapers in this app. You can find the code in your account.

It is supported on phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape modes.

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If your device is running Android 8 (8.1 or 9) and wallpapers often disappear: it is designed a bit different from previous ones: if app is working in the background, phone itself forces it to stop without any messages (battery saving care). Our app is obviously working in the background all the time & phone thinks you don’t use it. Don’t close notification in status bar.

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Thanks for downloading our app and we wish you good weather!
* Added a new wallpaper: March

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