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Description of しおさい-潮見表/天気予報-(無料)

しおさい-潮見表/天気予報-(無料) [3.4.1] updated on 2020-03-17 created by BOOK MOUNTAIN is the Weather Android App has 100,000+ downloads on Google play

Supported Android versions: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)


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・[天気] 最大5日間の3時間毎の天気情報が見れる

・[警報] 気象庁が発表する気象警報を同時に確認

・[地形] 風向/風速と地図から地形も味方に








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台風や低気圧の中心では気圧が周辺より低いため、気圧の高い周辺の空気は海水を押し下げ、中心付近の空気が海水を吸い上げるように作用する結果、海面が上昇します。 気圧が1ヘクトパスカル(hPa)下がると、潮位は約1センチメートル上昇すると言われています。当アプリでは気象庁の過去天気データより計算しています。







It is a free app that displays the tide information of Japan.

Tidal and weather (temperature, rain, wind) will support the anxious “you”.

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Operation is also easy!

Quickly want information!

Information other than the tide is also compact in a single screen!

· [Weather] weather information of every 3 hours up to five days watch

And checking [alarm] Meteorological Agency weather alert is announced at the same time

· [Terrain] from the wind direction / wind speed and map terrain to ally

You can also register your “favorite” point.

It provides weather, weather information in accordance with the point.

■ Main display data

(1) tidal information

Tide graph (tide table-tide tables), tide, tide name, tide

(2) Weather forecast

Temperature, humidity, clouds, precipitation, wind direction and wind speed, atmospheric pressure

(3) months of age / moonlight

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(4) sunrise / day input

(5) Tsukide / month input

(6) Japan Meteorological Agency announced data

Weather warning and advisory

■ β function (beta)

Lower than around atmospheric pressure at the center of a typhoon or cyclone, the air around the high pressure down on the sea, as a result of air near the center acts to suck seawater, sea level will rise. When the pressure drops 1 hectopascals (hPa), the tide level is said to rise about 1 centimeter. In this application program it has been calculated from past weather data of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Japan Meteorological Agency to analyze and predict the distribution of the precipitation area with a high resolution is a “high-resolution precipitation nowcasting”.

In addition to the data of the weather Doppler radar, observation data of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and local governments are held across the country about 10,000 locations rain gauge of the high-rise observation data of wind profiler and radio sonde, the data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport XRAIN leverage, the inside of the precipitation area has a three-dimensional analysis.

■ Note · Disclaimer

– acquiring position information in the present application, also retains its history, use for the purpose of providing a function or information suitable for customers (including advertising)

– it is not available to the voyage

Trouble and accidents caused by using this app does not take any responsibility


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Version: 3.4.1

Rating: 4 ( 2454 )

Size: 8.5 MB

Requirement: Android 4.1+

Updated: 17-03-2020

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